Volunesia Captured In 18 Seconds: Watch Our Third Circle Unfold

Thursday email - volunesia

Last Saturday was one of the best blooms of Volunesia – we even ran out of our designer name tags for our lovely volunteers! What a turnout and what incredible energy! The ambience of the little community we co-created on this beautiful Saturday morning was brimming with love and service. We’ve almost tripled in number since our first Volunesia circle, and we take that as a sign of how doing good is infectious!

Let us take you through a few highlights from this circle. There were too many bright spots to list entirely, but we’ll share a few! We had Manas, who was there with us before anyone else, in spite of having exams the next day. We had Manu, who volunteered to film the entire event and produce a time-lapse video for us. He stood by the camera setup the entire time, clicking a picture every 30 seconds for 3 complete hours!

We had CJ (Chiranjeev) who voluntarily set up his outdoor photography gear (with an umbrella and everything!) to click beautiful profile shots of all the volunteers. We had Shashank going around capturing candid moments of the selfless love everyone was putting into their creations.

Meanwhile, we also had Jaishree (moved by her Mentor India experience last year, she personally crowdfunded sports equipment to gift to the kids at the school she taught at and is currently working on an easy-to-understand sports guide with illustrations for them!) with us in spirit, from her home in Hyderabad, who designed some beautiful postcards for us. When these designs landed up in our inbox, we were just ecstatic. What a beautiful ecosystem we have tapped into through Volunesia!

Volunesia with Shridevi Reddy
Shridevi with her students

The Bangalore inclusion circle was again present with more people this time, and our lovely lady- Shridevi Reddy joined us with her beloved “kids”, a group of friends who were hearing impaired. She translated everything that was being conveyed into sign language, which made us all feel truly blessed and inclusive.

People coming together from all walks of life, to connect with each other and create something wonderful straight from their hearts, is so overwhelming to watch!

When everyone got together in a circle at the end of the 3 hours, time seemed to pass in seconds (like in the video above!) rather than hours. As Jaideep said, this isn’t the end of the Volunesia circle, but only the beginning.

Volunesia Circle

The circle is just a small part of it, the real Volunesia experience is what you take away from the event and how its ripples affect your life! How will the 3 hours you spent with us translate into more good? How can you take the true spirit of Volunesia and make it a part of your day-to-day life?

While you mull over that, let us assure you that Team KYS is always on the lookout for these ripples, small or big. We are always searching, catching and amplifying these stories for you. Here’s one beautiful ripple that touched us:

Last Saturday noon, post our Volunesia circle, we got an email notification of a contribution made to us through our website. We were very curious to understand the thought behind this, and realised it was made by one of the Volunesians who was deeply moved by their experience earlier that day. We will not reveal their name since they requested to be anonymous. But we do want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, your contribution helped cover a lot of operational costs incurred from the personal savings of our KYS team members. We could not be more grateful for your mindful contribution. We are sure this action of yours will enable us to serve more people in plenty of meaningful ways!

Volunesia Experience

After last week’s success, we are thrilled that our third Volunesia Circle hosted this Saturday was able to spark the values of love, kindness, generosity and positivity amongst all of us. Everyone came together as strangers, but left feeling connected to each other at a deeper level. We’ve captured some beautiful messages some of you left for your fellow Volunesians, which we will share with you soon. We also noticed some people being tagged with impromptu anonymous gifts, out of sheer kindness! We witnessed so much divinity in each one of you. πŸ™‚

We look forward to engaging with you more often, and to being companions on this journey of service that all of you have set out on. We will keep you updated!

All the pictures from the circle can be found here. πŸ™‚

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