Thursday Email – Setting Out On A Fun And Transformational Journey For Schools!

Thursday Email - Riverside with kiran ma'am


As the month of June is coming closer, Team KYS is gearing up for the schools to start. We have exciting Mentor India projects coming up where we will be engaging with the schools on a deeper level. This year, along with our Mitra Pustak curriculum, we are focusing on overall school transformation, involving not just the students, but the teachers, parents and the whole ecosystem for the entire academic year.

As a part of the research and inspiration, our co-founder, Jaideep did a #MarchToEmptiness, where he set out on an educational journey covering wonderful schools like Riverside in Ahmadabad and Digantar in Jaipur. You can read more about his learning and experiences.

Thursday email - volunesia

In our third Volunesia event last Saturday, there were so many more people than we expected. It was a dream circle full of energy! One of our volunteers, Manu, created a time lapse video capturing the 3 hours of Volunesia within 18 seconds. Do check it out!

I will take your leave posing one question – What if we told you that there is an app which allows you to see your food and read its reviews before you order it from your menu card? What if we told you newspapers can now give you access to animated material like in Harry Potter? 😉 We didn’t believe it either, until we interviewed Ankush Sharma. Read to believe!

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“If we start to look for moments that allow us to be kind, compassionate and loving, we quickly see opportunities all around us. But it is up to us to choose to take them.” – Mike Medaglia

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