Thursday Email – When We Experienced The Power Of Emergence!

Thursday email - Sheetal Amte - Knowyourstar

When we started working at KnowYourStar full time, we were excited to come up with new strategies and plans for the work we wanted to do. While the excitement was great, we did go through a bunch of disappointments when things didn’t turn out as per our expectations. We realised a bit later that the disappointments were because we planned too much and obsessed about the results that we wanted to see while missing out on other beautiful ripples.
After watching, connecting and learning from some amazing people we are so lucky to have gotten a chance to look up to, we learned how to just concentrate on the work with the right intention and conscience, and not micromanage the outcomes! What we have now come to have strong faith in is… the power of emergence, and we love it. In order to capture the emergence, we realise how important it is for all the team members to be tuned in.

That’s when the idea of having a team retreat every month was born where we disconnect from our routine and hold time and space for each other mindfully. The results have been so amazing! It’s funny how the more you work on your inner transformation, the more clarity you get on the outside. The more we, as individuals, work on our personal journeys, the more clarity and focus we seem to have in our labour of love. Read more about our third KYS Retreat in the words of our Chief Everything Officer – Pranita! 🙂

As for our weekly suggestion of what you can read, we have a very inspiring article to share this time. We got a chance to interview Dr Sheetal Amte, who speaks about her journey at Anandwan. The values and the stories that she had to share were true gems that we at KnowYourStar feel privileged to have been able to collect and share with you. We hope you enjoy reading this!
Do share with us your thoughts and reflections. We are always at the edge of our seats for that! 🙂

With gratitude, smiles and cheers,
Pranita Bhat
Co-Founder at KnowYourStar
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“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

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