Thursday Email – We Love Celebrating All Forms Of Love!

Thursday email - Jaideep
​Jaideep with a Himalayan Yogi (centre) and 'Monk' Sheetal (right), on their way to watch Dangal in Pune.


We at KnowYourStar never miss a chance to celebrate love, whether it is Valentine’s Day or any other day. As Rumi beautifully quoted:

Love is the whole thing,
We are only pieces,
Love is the sea of no end,
We are a drop of it.

This Valentine’s Day, we published a very special article. The journey of our very own co-founder – Jaideep Rao, who has recently transformed from being an entrepreneur into a heartpreneur! He talks about his life-changing experiences over the last couple of months, where he got an opportunity to learn from a variety of people – from Himalayan monks to great people in normal robes. Team KYS has benefited immensely from his personal growth, which has helped us channel our energies into more value-based work. The article is a beautiful read, and we think you will enjoy it.

One of our supporters, Mr. Sagi, who had joined us on one of our Mentor India classes, left a comment on the article, which read:

Hi Jaideep .. It sure is a Hearty and Engaging read .. sort of mystical and touching chords at various levels. has been a lucky discovery. As a people, your multidimensional stories, and articles.. and I have been intrigued and fascinated with your knowyourstars’s “With gratitude, smiles and cheers,” .. ever since your first mail to me. I hope it tuned me in a bit too! Wish your Tribe Well .. and may it keep Growing. Regards.

This comment made our day and brought big smiles to our faces. Small things indeed bring great joy!

That said, I will leave you with yet another article about the Power of Love by Ashwin Karthik, our guest columnist whose work on Monday Truclusions is well worth reading. Is there a special story of love you would like to share with us? We are all ears! 🙂

With gratitude, smiles and cheers,

Pranita Bhat
Co-Founder at KnowYourStar
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