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“Come watch him do his thing (jokes that is.) and learn a little more about life and may be even yourself. His philosophy is quite simple- ‘Life is funny. Live it!’”- These are some very notable lines that go in Sundeep Rao’s comedy show invitations.Sundeep Rao Image

Invitations mark the start of an era and Sundeep Rao has definitely started one here in India.

Sundeep Rao is one of India’s partially blind artists. He brings his comic foresight, which unlike his sight is rather clear and sharp around the edges. He’s a regular on the Indian comedy circuit.

Sundeep Rao holds a degree from University of Wales, majoring in political science and sociology. Are we getting serious?!

Sundeep says he was born on his birthday when asked for his date of birth! Career wise, Sundeep started doing stand-up comedy in 2010. Prior to that he had tried his hands working in a software giant and radio station. Sundeep Rao is often seen performing across India. He also does corporate gigs. He recently performed in USA. While he has never been a fan of exploiting the existing stereotypes, Sundeep challenges himself to reinvent them.

Sundeep Rao is also a thinker, writer, voice-over artist, producer and cracker! He derived major appreciation for his show- “Out Of Sight”. He believes that the inability to laugh at life’s problems, challenges and inadequacies is a disability in itself.

Do visit Sundeep’s website for further information-

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