With the 4Cs, we at KnowYourStar (KYS), foresee opportunities to create true role models for society:

  1. Content for Children – We search and amplify inspiring stories of role models for children at a high school level. Stories shift perspectives, and unlock opportunities!
  2. Content with Cause – We publish content that raises awareness about people and initiatives that need aid.
  3. Content by/for Community – We believe in the ‘Consumption to Contribution’ model. Apart from regular stories from our KYS community, you can look out for Monday Truclusions by Ashwin Karthik, The Diary of a Social Worker by Sreepriya Menon, and Time Travel by Roopa Pai.
  4. Create Noble friendships – Noble friendships are established while at service doing heart-work together – The Mentor India way! We also forge deeper ties through our thursday emails.

KnowYourStar started in September 2012 as a hobby and turned full time in June 2016. We have had a beautiful journey, spanning some beautiful planned and unplanned milestones. In addition to our inspirational content, we run an educational outreach program called Mentor India, where we teach spoken English classes with value based stories. We have also published our own curriculum – Mitra Pustak.

Core Team

Jaideep Rao KnowYourStarJaideep Rao [CTO – Chief Thinking Officer] hails from small Tulu speaking temple town in Karnataka – Udupi. An engineer by trade, for four years before turning Heartpreneur at KnowYourStar.com, by day, he lived a corporate life at SAP and by nights, weekends, and all other hours, he served around the clock—orchestrating a volunteer-run Saturday school for underprivileged rural youth, developing an open-source value-based educational curriculum which eventually became Mentor India, amplifying stories of unknown change-makers and supporting the India Inclusion Summit for individuals with disabilities. Reach out to Jaideep at jaideep@knowyourstar.com.

Pranita Bhat KnowYourStar

Pranita Bhat [CEO – Chief Everything Officer] is based in Bangalore, India. She started her career as an Engineer in IBM, quit her job after a year to pursue her love for writing full time. After spending 3 years in the content industry, she quit her job as a Content Manager to pursue the dream of working full-time at KnowYourStar. She wants to make this world a better place and master the spirit of service, gratitude and generosity. She believes in The Secret, worships the Universe, and her favorite words are Serendipity and Wanderlust. Feel free to reach out to Pranita at pranita@knowyourstar.com.

Anjali AlappatAnjali Alappat [CCO – Chief Content Officer] is Bangalore-based, but a Madras girl at heart. She is a self-confessed nerd who’s still annoyed they cancelled Firefly. After a few years of working in women’s magazines and the content industry, and surviving relatively unscathed, she recently joined Team KnowYourStar. She believes in karma, equality, girl power, hashtag-activism, and Murphy’s law. She’s a passionate supporter of LGBTQIA rights, gender equality, pacifism, and responsible journalism. If you’ve got a story to tell, reach out to her at anjalialappat@knowyourstar.com.

Nandini NelsonLike every other 8 out of 10 faces in the city, Nandini Nelson [CDO – Chief Doing Officer] was a software engineer in Bangalore. Having spent 3.5 years at Informatica, one fine day she felt the need to be working for the change she wanted to see. That’s when she found KnowYourStar as a companion in her journey. Nandini is a day dreamer. But don’t mistake her for a weirdo sitting on the backseat, lost in her own fantasy world, taking that easy escape. She dreams to live that life where she can do what she loves. She is a nature admirer; a little sad with the differences of the society. Feel free to reach out to Nandini at nandini@knowyourstar.com.